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The front desk, or reception, is a place where visitors arrive and first encounter the staff at a place of business. Thus, the front desk of a hotel provides the first experience of hospitality to the guests. The front desk staff deals with whatever query the visitor has, and puts them in contact with a relevant person. Broadly speaking, the front desk includes roles that affect the proceeds of the business.

In the dictionary, reception is the noun form of “receiving,” meaning to receive something, such as information, art, an experience, or people. At hotels, reception refers to the front desk and the core operations division of the hotel, including reservations, sales and marketing, housekeeping, concierge, and accounting and finance departments. Employees serving at the front desk will check guest reservations and also attend to guest complaints and requests. The staff who work in the vestibule of the hotel can also be considered a part of the front desk as they deal with guests directly. The doorman, clerk, and porter are included in reception services.

Like the lobby, the front desk or reception should be full of warmth and positivity. Have you ever experienced negativity at the reception counter of any hotel? If the first impression is not good, we don’t enjoy the stay. In some hotels, reception is just inside the front entrance or very close to it. In other cases, it can be at the end of a hall, so that a guest gets the complete experience of a nicely designed space before reaching the desk and encountering the warmth of the reception staff.

How do Vastu principles help to make the reception space more positive and welcoming? First of all let us understand the orientation of a building and effect of the sun on it. Due to the earth’s inclination towards the sun, we get glare free light from the northern direction and maximum radiation from the southern direction. Radiation increases stress levels, so the front desk should not face the south. North is the most preferred direction. East is the direction of the rising sun, which can be considered as the direction of hope. West is the direction of the setting sun. If the reception is at the northeast of the building and facing north, it is considered to be good, but if it is a part of a front office then it can be at the southern part of the building.

When staff work in the northeast, with a north facing posture, they can provide a complete experience of hospitality because northeast is the most auspicious direction. The color preferences for this place are light pink, lemon yellow, copper, or off-white. Multi-angular forms in this particular place should be avoided. If the desk is in the southern direction, then red, bright orange, white, or bronze colors can help to enhance the feeling of comfort. With positivity it will be able to provide a complete experience of splendor of design, information, art, and warmth of people offering hospitality.

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Mayank Rawal is a renowned Architect and Vastu consultant. He believes each land is different because he believes in the science of energy. “Nature has the best healing powers,” thus he admires the powers of nature only. His theory of Vastu is practical and nondestructive. He can be contacted on vastu@live.in.

Mayank Rawal