Fountain head

Few things ruin a guest experience like an anemic shower. But water pressure is only part of the equation. Hospitality showerheads are functional fixtures, of course, but their forms are increasingly important to guests, especially at high-end properties.

Here are five key trends in hospitality showerheads to inspire your new property or renovation design:


Thanks to the rise of the Internet of Things, guests are growing accustomed to using touchscreens everywhere. And now that functionality extends to the shower. Several manufacturers produce showerheads with integrated touchscreens so guests can select functions from a display. Some models even feature timers or wireless/Bluetooth connectivity so patrons can turn on and warm up the shower before they get out of bed.


Makers are having their moment and manufacturers are taking notice with unadorned utilitarian showerheads in traditional matte or high-gloss finishes. This aesthetic is particularly suited to urban hotels, especially properties in warehouse districts or those in rehabbed industrial buildings.


Why stop at a showerhead? Many hoteliers are giving guests more options with showers that include a mounted showerhead and a handheld fixture.


While extra-large rain showerheads are still popular, some hotel designers are moving in the opposite direction, creating ultra-thin fixtures that produce a cleansing waterfall-like stream with contemporary style. This style is especially useful in smaller spaces that would be overwhelmed by a larger head.


With the entire hospitality industry focused on reducing water usage, manufacturers are devising new water-saving showerheads for hotels. One promising development uses air to produce bigger drops, so the shower feels luxurious without increasing water use. These innovations not only reduce consumption, but they appeal to the 50 percent of travellers in a survey who said sustainability is a key factor in considering, “a destination they would not have otherwise been interested in.”

Let us shower you with a range of handpicked showerheads to provide the perfect finishing touch to your guest room design and deliver a bathing experience your guests will love.

Shower splurge


Model#: SO613
A high-end shower companion that will soothe and energize your guests with the ultimate fusion of rain and waterfall shower with chromotherapy. This ceiling mounted showerhead offers nine color lights and a waterproof remote to customize the experience. Now that’s a lavish shower.

Aesthetic touch

By Delta

Model#: 57140-PN
This showerhead from Delta projects a chandelier-esque design and comes with their H2O kinetic technology that forms a wavy water flow to give an energizing and intense drench-spray experience. The product is WaterSense labeled which means that this showerhead also consumes less water, making a green statement as well.

Sleek lines


Model#: SO613
Distinguished by pure forms that emphasize geometry and precise design lines, this showerhead brings contemporary style to today’s luxury bathroom settings. The showerhead offers a choice of spray or center massage patterns with a unique toggle button to switch between the functions.

Color me happy

By Ijaguar

The painted finish to this stylish shower panel means you can your choice of colors. More than just an illuminated head, ShowerGlo features contemporary design, massaging backspray, and the added functionality of a handheld for ADA compliance. And the LED lighting uses aqua-inertia technology technology, which means no batteries to change.

Attract Magnetix spot resist brushed nickel Rainshower combo

By Moen

Model#: 26008SRN
Easy to dock and un-dock, this showerhead from Moen can be perfect in hotels with large walk-in showers, those catering to outdoor enthusiasts who need an easy way to rinse off gear, or properties attracting couples for romantic getaways.

Tech Incorporated

By Kohler

This one is sure to win Millennial guests over. The showerhead comes with an integrated wireless waterproof speaker. The portable Bluetooth speaker can be paired with smartphones, MP3 players, etc., and comes with a rechargeable battery.

“See” the heat

By Delta

Model#: 52646-SS-PK
This award winning showerhead from Delta features a LED screen that reads the water temperature along with three colors to indicate whether the water is cold, hot, or warm. On top of it, the product is WaterSense certified, meaning it uses just two gallons per minute, which saves water compared to other showerheads. Six settings ensure your guests get the perfect shower flow.

Great things come in a small package

By American Standard

Model#: 1660.206
This compact water-saving showerhead is especially useful in smaller spaces that would be overwhelmed by a larger head. It presents six choices of spray patterns and is water efficient at that; ideal for upping your sustainability goals.