Giving more power to guests

With the advent of connected travelers, charging and docking stations take center stage

Free Wi-Fi? Check. Pet-friendly? Check. Swimming pool? Check. These are some of the many amenities that guests usually look for when choosing a hotel. But there is something that is often overlooked, both by the guest and the hotel, which is whether or not the hotel has enough device charging options.

SnapPower USB charger

SnapPower USB charger leaves the outlets free for use.

Charging options are imperative for the traveler, who is away from the security of home. Be it for leisure, entertainment, or business purposes―whether we like it or not, mobile devices have become the center of our worlds. The devices are an extension of ourselves, and giving guests the means to stay connected is one of the less expensive “thoughtful touches” that guests will remember.

A 2012 report by The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) stated that hotel owners and executives ranked cell phone chargers at the top of their list for “most popular room technology implementation.” That was five years ago, and we’ve only become more electronically connected. Hoteliers are thinking of even more ways to improve the guest experience.

Today's typical traveler is likely to carry multiple intelligent devices. And those devices need cords. Which means multiple opportunities to forget or lose track of something important.

Brooklyn Desk by LUX-LED Lighting

Brooklyn Desk by LUX LED Lighting gives a suave look.

Brooklyn AC task light by LUX LED Lighting is touch activated.

Freelance travel writer Melissa Andrews says, “It happens often that I forget to carry my laptop and phone chargers. As I usually have deadlines to meet and need to stay connected, I need my phone and laptop all the time.” She adds, “Hotels need to make sure that these facilities, which are now very basic, are taken care of.”

Also, with the advent of smarter phones comes reduced battery life. How many times has someone reached to send a message back home upon safe arrival, only to have the phone die. The same thing seems to happen while taking that very important business call or simply finding out places to explore around one’s hotel.

The SnapPower USB Charger is a replacement outlet cover that features two standard sockets and an additional USB port, allowing guests to charge their devices without using all the outlets or needing a power adapter.

Taking the idea a little further, California-based industrial design company Cerno launched the Levo bedside wall sconce/reading lamp hybrid with USB charger. It serves the dual purpose of lighting and USB charging. Bret Englander, director of sales and marketing at Cerno, says, “USB ports are important for bedside applications for a number of reasons. First to reduce clutter and a rats nest of cords by the bed.” He further adds, “Another advantage for hotel suites and for guestrooms is that it is one less thing for a guest to leave behind and if you’re like me, [replacing lost] chargers has definitely put a dent in my bank account over the years."

“Hotels need to make sure that these facilities which are now very basic, are taken care of.”
Melissa Andrews
Freelance travel writer

Or the suave Brooklyn Desk lamp offered by LUX LED Lighting. Its two universal AC sockets work with U.S., U.K., Euro, and other international adapters, in addition to the two USB ports. In fact, LUX LED Lighting has a range of lights, including Brooklyn AC and Brooklyn USB.

wall mount charging station

The wall mount charging station from Charge Tech at Hilton

There is a whole range of options that the markets are offering. And, with an increased use of gadgets, hotels will have to reinvent ways to ensure a complete guest experience. Movies on demand may no longer be the in-room entertainment of choice, now that guests are reading ebooks on tablets, listening to Spotify on their iPods, or using a smartphone to binge watch their favorite Netflix series.

By Dhwani Pathak Dave