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T he hospitality industry is built on people, which is why internal growth is the cornerstone of your restaurant or hotel’s success. If you are failing to promote from within, then you are doing a disservice to your staff and ultimately your business. Some managers and owners make the mistake of giving promotions to those with tenure, but forget to consider if the respective employee is ready for the responsibilities that come with their new title. There are also cases of management pushing titles onto staff who have no desire to be promoted—which usually ends in terminations and hostile work environments. As a business expands, the human resources practices must expand as well. Recognizing high potential line-level employees (cooks, servers, front desk agents, etc.) early on will only help to cultivate the growth of your business as a whole. So, let’s talk about a few attributes you should look for in that high potential employee. Passion: Is your employee passionate about what they are doing? Employees who are passionate about their jobs are the ones who are usually extremely self- motivated and have a strong desire to succeed. This passion is also infectious and can have a lasting effect on other employees and the business as a whole. I have always found that an employee who has fiery passion is the one who is also reliable and will be consistent. Great attitude: A great attitude does not always mean “happy all the time.” Rather, it implies that an employee has a “does whatever it takes” outlook while at work. Every day, service throws curveballs to line-level employees. Whether it’s an on-the-fly catering order in the middle of lunch service or the stove pilot decides not to light before peak dinner service, there are obstacles that can really test employees’ ability to keep calm in the midst of chaos. The most capable employees— those who overcome these obstacles—usually reveal themselves over time. Finding these employees is not difficult: it’s all about paying closer attention to your staff. Workers who deftly handle challenges tend to go above and beyond in other aspects of service as well. Maybe they cultivate regulars by remembering their names and orders, come in a little earlier, or stay later to get the job done. Positivity is definitely a plus— and if that comes with problem management skills and logical thinking in chaos, even better. These are the employees to watch. Resourceful: Is your employee resourceful? Can they look at a problem and find a quick-witted way to resolve it? Are they able to handle your guests with care and concern and find ways to immediately resolve their issues? Do they look at the issues and see solutions—not just problems? In today’s tough economic business environment, we are faced with so many rising costs. It is challenging to run a business in a financially feasible manner. We have all been in that situation where we have to schedule fewer employees and run tighter shifts. Having that “A-player” employee working a tough shift and knowing you can rely on them is such a relief. Exemplary team player: All of your strongest staff should be team players. If you suspect that even one of them is not, it may be time to rethink your hiring strategy. As there are accessible systems to keep track of your employees’ performance, your business is only as strong as your weakest EXPERTS SPEAK - HR Team players How to spot high potential employees and take productive next steps. By CLEO CLARKE , vice president of human resources strategy and development, Harri 78 \ HOSPITALITY TRENDZ \ MAY 2018

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