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Nuvola partners with BluIP to promote enhanced team communications Nuvola announces integration with cloud-based unified communication services company to bring two-way radio functionality to the platform. N uvola, a guest service management software company focused on the intersection between hotel operating efficiency and guest experience, partnered with BluIP, a cloud-based unified communication services company to address and improve interdepartmental communications in the hotel industry. The partnership is based on a software integration of Nuvola’s guest service management platform with the integrated mobile messaging, enhanced push-to-talk, and location awareness for employee safety support of the BluIP app. This functionality will be available to all mutual Nuvola and BluIP clients from this month. The Nuvola and BluIP integration delivers hoteliers the ability to leverage both systems to more efficiently create, complete, and close service tickets via mobile device/voice command, which is imperative in the fast-paced on-the-go nature of the industry. Additionally, BluIP’s BeHive messaging platform enables multi-departmental workspace communications to more effectively manage tasks, events, groups, and personal communications through the hotel employee’s mobile device. Lastly, staff will be able to use the app to trigger emergency calls to a designated number, which will also be reported on the guest service management platform, Nuvola, for posterity. “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with BluIP,” said Juan Carlos Abello, founder and CEO of Nuvola. “Both of our companies are dedicated to improving the functionality of the modern hotel, and understand their needs intimately. We were most impressed by BluIP’s understanding of the industry and their knowledge that back-of-house staff still rely heavily on enhanced messaging and push-to-talk to improve work efficiency and productivity.” Both BluIP and Nuvola focus on quality assurance, task management, and streamlined communication. With BluIP and Nuvola integrating their two solutions, BluIP will focus on leveraging their enhanced messaging and push-to-talk technology, while Nuvola will leverage their staff-side platform and operational data analysis services. “After seeing the functionality of the Nuvola platform first-hand, it is clear to me that our goals are aligned when it comes to improving the communication and staff efficiency in the hospitality industry,” said Ericson Abing, director of product management for BluIP, Inc. “Workflow optimization and communication integration are the pillars of the BluIP platform. We feel that with our current app functionality for mobile devices, our clients would benefit greatly from Nuvola’s desktop-side of the solution when it comes to guest service management.” h T (Source: Nuvola and BluIP) + HOSPITALITY TECH 70 \ HOSPITALITY TRENDZ \ FEBRUARY 2018

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