Get on the floor

One of the hottest hotel flooring trends, and a rapidly growing product segment, is luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Not the vinyl flooring you grew up with, this high-end product is as artful as it is durable. Comparatively affordable, LVP/T enables you to deliver high-impact interiors at a low-impact price point.

Engineered to be durable, this luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for guest rooms, conference rooms, and eating areas. Get inspired by these designs of Shaw Floors.

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LVP LVT Flooring Solitude Shaw Floors

Solitude, Shaw Floors

LVP LVT Flooring Grain Pigment Shaw Floor

Grain Pigment, Shaw Floors

LVP LVT Flooring Terrain Shaw Floors

Terrain, Shaw Floors

Natural patterns are popular at properties promoting a rustic or homey feel without the maintenance hassles. Sleek stone and metal-look material suits establishments going for a modern, urban vibe at a lower price point than marble, traditional tile, or specialty flooring. These are some of our picks from Milliken.

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Freelay, Eero in EER79-145-120 with Archipelago carpet, Milliken

LVP LVT Flooring Freelay Eero in EER79 13 with Bedrock carpet Milliken

Freelay Eero in EER79-13 with Bedrock carpet, Milliken

LVP LVT Flooring Abstract Fibre Milliken

Abstract Fibre, Milliken

LVP LVT Flooring Freelay, Heritage Wood Milliken

Freelay, Heritage Wood, Milliken

Luxury vinyl hotel flooring options are a novel way to create mood and tone in new construction or renovations, to reduce overall costs, and to ultimately deliver an exceptional guest experience. These products by Parterre Stori are a far cry from your grandparents’ vinyl floors.

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Vertu, Absinthe Oak, Parterre Storri

LVP LVT Flooring Vertu, Absinthe Oak Parterre Storri

Kennett Grain, Parterre Storri

LVP LVT Flooring Kennett Grain Parterre Storri

Madal, Parterre Storri

LVP LVT Flooring Blue Quarry Beach HardCore Parterre Storri

Blue Quarry Beach, HardCore,Parterre Storri