Mirror, mirror on the wall

Lighted mirrors are becoming a necessity in hotel bathrooms. They add drama, up the style quotient, and make your guests feel so much more glamorous. Bad lighting is no one’s friend, creating distortion in the looking glass and wreaking havoc with makeup application. Here are some of the many options—we’ll leave it to you to decide which is the fairest of them all.

Mirror on the Wall Berkeley

Hilton San Francisco

The Berkeley by Majestic Mirror is a perfect polished edge square mirror with backlit light surrounding the entire perimeter.
(Manufacturer renderings)

For more information visit www.majesticmirror.com.

Mirror on the Wall Argyle

Marriott Brooklyn

The Argyle by Majestic Mirror removes all adornment and allows simplicity and light to make a strong, beautiful, and luxurious statement.
(Manufacturer renderings)

For more information visit www.majesticmirror.com.


The Fornax light by Lightedmirror.us is environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. With Bose flush mounted white ceiling speakers, these LED lights are ideal for makeup with their natural light color and dimmable ballast.

For more information visit www.lightedmirror.us.

Mirror on the Wall Argyle Lane

Marriott Marquis Houston

The Lane by Majestic Mirror is lit on both sides and features a sleek polished edge mirror panel.
(Manufacturer renderings)

For more information visit www.majesticmirror.com

Mirror on the Wall Elite Lighted

The Elite Lighted Mirror by Electric Mirror is oval shaped with a border of frosted light, is ceiling mounted, comes in one standard size, and has many custom upgrade options.

For more information visit www.electricmirror.com.