NeoCon 2017: Top interior design trends

NeoCon 2017, the most important event of the year in the commercial design industry, was once again a resounding success — overflowing with inspiration from every end of the interior design spectrum.

Parterre Flooring Systems, one of the participants at NeoCon draws a list of the some of the interior design trends and elements of inspiration that caught attention.

Work/life balance design a common theme

One of the biggest takeaways from NeoCon 2017 was how designers are heavily focused on finding a healthy balance between collaborative workspace and the comforts of home.

For example, many of the showrooms situated throughout NeoCon 2017 were designed around the reality that many of today’s professionals are looking for a workplace that is an extension of their home life — a place they can leave their bikes and store their personal belongings, but also focus on their job knowing comfort is right around the corner.


Groupe Lacasse, a commercial office furniture designer and manufacturer, showcased a booth that highlights a comfortable office setting featuring a workplace storage system that allows employees to store their items not far from their work space.

A work environment designed for true human behavior

Throughout NeoCon 2017 there was an obvious focus on the need for workspace designed around the human behavior.

Various vendors throughout the show displayed designs that highlighted how humans truly interact within a communal working environment. These designs featured spaces that allow for collaboration, as well as the occasional need for one-on-one and solitary work. Examples include adjustable desks that allow for both sitting and standing, in addition to common room layouts featuring furniture with adjustable seating heights, couch arenas and more.


This versatility was evident in the seating products on display from Allermuir, an innovative furniture designer. Whether you’re in need of a breakout space for a group meeting or singular seating with desk space for a solo project, the chair selection on display followed the versatile and collaborative workspace theme found all throughout NeoCon.


This workplace pod from OFS Brands is perfect for any individual looking to break away from their desk and work in a singular, yet social way. This innovative pod offers a desk, a lamp and a plug — three essential components of working solo.

A prominent display of color

There’s no doubt NeoCon loves color. While there’s never a shortage of color on display, each year it appears a certain color will dominate the various displays throughout the show. This year, that color was a resounding blue.


The color blue, once resigned only to the residential world, has found its way into the commercial design space. This grouping of blue tones from LUUM offers a sultry array of dark and masculine solid blues, not to mention a few creative designs including a selection of geometric designs.


This display from Arc-Com offers a variety of bright yellow accents, both on the walls coverings and in accompanying furniture. This booth in particular showcased the popularity of gradients being used between colors — which in this case involved bright yellows transitioning into dark grey.

A matter of masculinity

Some of the textiles on display ventured away from the static cottons and into the more masculine world involving tweeds and linen-like fabrics. Additionally, there was also a great deal of emphasis on the allure of velour and velvet materials and textiles — both comfortable enough to make a workspace feel rich and luxurious, yet lived-in.


This interior design from OFS Brand features a modular sofa in tan leather, a masculine colored furnishing that blends with the more neutral and subtle throw pillows on accompanying chairs.

Wood grains a mainstay at NeoCon

Wood grains were once again on full display at NeoCon 2017. This year, however, designers appeared to be pushing the limits with furniture and wall furnishings featuring exaggerated grain designs involving a burnt-look, black and even white wood grain — products similar to some of the designs featured in Parterre’s Storri Luxury Vinyl collection.


This gritty display from KI showcases a rustic woodgrain wall display to complement the sleeker and more colorful workplace furnishings.


This wood grain table from Encore Seating offers subtle and relaxed looks thanks to the soft honey tone woodgrains — a far cry from the standard wood tones of traditional workplace furniture.

Healthcare space learning to embrace luxury

The healthcare industry, now more than ever, is beginning to embrace luxuriousness in its common spaces, doctors’ offices and patient rooms. This comforting design approach is proving to put patients at ease, and in turn make the experience more calming than in year’s past. Parterre’s luxury vinyl tile and resilient sheet product has already become a welcoming addition within the healthcare space due to its design versatility and overall durability.


These healthcare displays from Krug showcase not only a velvet-like textured couch in a hospital room, but also a more finely decorated doctor’s office featuring sleek furnishings with cool, neutral colors.

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