One tap for a great review

Honestly, isn’t it really too late to get feedback once the guests have checked out of your hotel? Sure, it can help you scrutinize the weak points, but it may come at the price of an underwhelming online review of your property. No business person is unaware of the importance of reviews. Once online, they are just a click away from potential guests, and even the slightest whiff of negativity can carry a stench. Your property’s reputation now has a multitude of flag-bearers that can make it or break it. These “frenemies” that heavily impact about 95 percent of travelers’ decisions include your website, OTAs, Google Reviews, and various social media platforms.

There is a good reason why reviews are so wildly popular: giving stars with optional text is much easier than completing a long survey. But a new platform, Fetch, is now bridging the gap by simplifying the feedback process: guests respond with a single tap, directly inside the email survey And that’s not even the best part. Fetch goes one step further by measuring your guests’ satisfaction during their stay. Having the ability to respond to feedback while the guest is still under your roof can score your property some brownie points that convert to great reviews on TripAdvisor and your Facebook page.

Fetch Data

Data Provided by Fetch

Founder Russell Silver tells hT, “Fetch was born after experiencing the problem firsthand as a frustrated guest. I stayed at a well respected hotel, and despite my best efforts there was no effective way to communicate to the property that I wasn’t enjoying my stay. When phone lines were busy and the front desk was lined-up, I ended up having a terrible experience, unbeknownst to the staff. I know two things for certain: I will never go back to that hotel, and my TripAdvisor review is likely to encourage others to do the same.” He further recalls, “To top it all off, I was sent a typical post-checkout survey after I had departed, asking me to answer 30-plus questions. I knew I never answered these, and research proved that 98 percent of consumers didn’t either.” This Canadian start-up hopes to expand in up to six countries by the end of the year.


  • Fetch automatically sends your guests a branded email survey, within a few hours of their check-in.
  • The guest rates the hotel experience thus far, within the email, with just one single tap.
  • They’re redirected to a landing page, specific to their rating, where the hotel can thank and even reward the guest―such as with complimentary amenities.
  • The right staff are notified immediately if the guest seems at all unsatisfied.
  • The ball now is in your court, but you’re a hospitality professional. You’ve got this!

What happens at the front desk does not stay there

The simplicity of the system―on both the client’s side as well as the hotel’s―makes Fetch ideal even for the least technologically savvy persons. Fetch’s design team fully customizes the email message layout for the hotel, reinforcing brand identity with customized text and a unique landing page where guests can receive offers or rewards. The landing pages differ based on guest satisfaction, so you can get creative here: offer a complimentary breakfast, discount at the spa, or whatever you feel is appropriate for that guest’s level of happiness. It’s completely up to you. You may even redirect them to TripAdvisor for a quick review on that platform.

Once its team sets the system up, hotel staff are given onsite training. Fetch is now ready to contact guests automatically, a few hours after check-in (or at any other predetermined time). It records the responses on an online dashboard and sends the hotel real-time notifications with the guest’s full profile, along with their rating, contact information, reservation number, and any additional notes. The staff can access the dashboard via the web app, which is compatible with any device. Fetch integrates with the property management system (PMS) and if anything goes wrong, regardless of the time of day, the 24/7 support will assist you via phone or email. The monthly charge depends on the number of rooms in a property.

We believe a guest shouldn’t have to go out of their way to voice a concern; in a service-industry, it’s the hotel’s job to find it, not the visitor’s responsibility to report it.

A natural question may arise how Fetch differs from TripAdvisor’s Review Express. Silver comments, “TripAdvisor Review Express is a tactic to get more TripAdvisor reviews. That’s great, but our primary focus is trying to improve a guest’s stay while they are on premises. Once they check out, it’s too late and their opinions have been fully formed. So why not identify and solve problems before they hit TripAdvisor?”

While Review Express prompts the user to leave a review on TripAdvisor, surveys by Fetch retrieve the guest satisfaction data for internal use by the property. And while Fetch wholly customizes and automates the process, Review Express is only partially customizable and needs to be fed guest data from time to time. Further, realtime guest feedback offers a great opportunity to score that extra gold star.

Daniel Seifer is the operations and revenue manager of Town Inn Suites, Toronto, Canada, and a client of Fetch. He says, “The automation means my staff and I can operate per usual, and Fetch lets us know whenever we have an unhappy guest. It’s like reading minds, with no additional work.”

Let that feedback card and survey form rest in peace. Amen.

By Najook Pandya