Soft seating creates a welcoming refuge

Leverage any of these trends to encourage guests to linger longer and view your property as a welcoming refuge.

Soft seating is crucial for a superior guest experience.

After a long day travelling, seeing the sights, or closing the big deal, your guests look forward to plopping down on a comfy chair, chaise, or sofa and putting their feet up on an inviting ottoman.
To give them what they want, take a look at some of the dominant trends in soft seating for the hotel market:







Rooftop bars continue to grow in popularity, and patrons expect the same level of comfortable and stylish seating outdoors as they do in. Many furniture manufacturers now offer luxurious chairs, chaises, and other seating covered in weather-resistant, sun-proofed fabrics that require limited care to stay vibrant.


Half of travelers in a survey said they have considered, or will be considering, “a destination they would not have otherwise been interested in” because of its sustainable practices. Furniture makers and hoteliers are responding to that trend with soft seating options featuring sustainable materials like FAS-grade wood, low-VOC stains, non-toxic coatings, and natural latex foam cushions. These options also appeal to guests with sensitivities or allergies, giving you an additional selling point.


Soft hospitality seating takes a beating even at the poshest properties. Performance upholstery treatments are a must for task-specific or food service seating. Additional protection also makes sense for ottomans, which have to stand up to dirty shoes and sweaty feet. Treated upholstery is pricier, but the increased durability reduces total cost of ownership and replacement/repair spend.


Many hotels are pushing the trend to make the lobby and reception areas more inviting with cozy lounging and social areas, and even seated check-in. If you try the latter, choose chairs without arms so bags don’t snag and guests feel unrestrained.



The PANTONE® Color of the Year is Greenery, and it’s showing up in every form of soft seating. Far from a trendy tone, this year’s shade is a neutral that complements almost any palette and won’t go out of style. Greenery is a soothing shade that helps guests relax and reconnect. HT