Take the plunge

Your idea of a tropical vacation is about to change. Instead of simply soaking your feet at a sandy beach, try surrounding your 360-degree view with swaths of crystalline sea. Why book a mere oceanview room when you can enjoy squid, octopuses, and colorful marine life floating right outside your bedroom window?

Located off the east coast of mainland Tanzania in the Indian ocean, Pemba island in Zanzibar is home to The Manta Resort. While guests can opt to stay in a seafront villa or garden room, the resort is famous for The Underwater Room. This buoy-like, three-story cabin combines the experiences of stargazing at the upper floor, lounging at the landing deck, and dwelling under the waves in the underwater bedroom.

Aerial view of The Manta Resort

Peek out Beneath the Ocean

Peek out beneath the ocean from The Underwater Room window

Epic Instagrammable Selfie

Snap an epic Instagrammable selfie from underwater

If you choose to stay on your own private island, you will be appointed your very own “service-fundi,” or personal butler, who will take care of your meals, excursions, and any special needs. Upon arrival, you will be provided with a mobile phone with necessary contacts, a kayak, fins, and snorkel. The waters surrounding Pemba hide vibrant reefs, which makes it an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. Beginners can sign up for open water diving lessons with expert instructors to become a recreational diver.

Back on the island, a close-to-nature, authentic Swahili experience awaits. Just outside Manta, the resort employs local farmers to produce fresh, organic edibles for in-house use and the excess is sold by the farmers in a local market. To support the local community, women sell handmade “makeke” bags, handcarved dhows—a type of sailing boat, and decorative ornaments at The Manta Curio Shop.

Aerial view of The Underwater Room

Aerial view of The Underwater Room

Corals in the surroundings of Pemba Island

Corals in the surroundings of Pemba Island

Engage in a Conversation

Engage in a conversation with the locals

Sail Ngalawa

Sail Ngalawa, a canoe used by Swahili people of Zanzibar

Lounge at the Top Deck

Lounge at the top deck in the middle of the ocean

Choose from various activities packages like the rainforest walk, sandbank sailing, deep sea fishing, local community walk, kayaking, and more to create your perfect vacation. Extend your trip with one of the many safari options.

You’ll want to take your camera, but resist the urge to Insta this getaway. Unplug and unwind for maximum relaxation—you can always post your pics when you get home.

For more information, visit www.themantaresort.com.