Vanity designs: From minimalistic to lavish, how to choose what’s best for you

From minimalistic to lavish, how to choose what’s best for you

To properly set the ambiance of your bathrooms, it is a great idea to begin with the vanity design and then move ahead from there. While there is an eclectic range of products available in the market, it is all about striking the right balance between designs and functionality. Here’s a quick lowdown on some key factors to keep in mind while selecting the perfect vanity for your hotel space.


While there is no one size that fits all, it is advisable to have a single vanity design, with just one sink basin. While your guests likely prefer double vanities at home, while traveling it is nice to have extra counter space on which to place their toiletries. A single vanity also means more storage space below due to less plumbing. In a family suite, though, or roomshare situation, a double vanity is probably the way to go if space permits.


Among the many materials available, engineered quartz, granite, and marble are the most commonly used. Quartz, which is a relatively newer option, is a tough competitor against the traditionally preferred granite. Some additional questions to consider when choosing your countertop material are whether it is polished or stain resistant, and if the edges are rounded or sharp.


There are two options available, which include freestanding and wall hung/floating.

  • Free standing vanities are not attached to any wall so they are the simplest to install. And if the walls are not strong enough, this can be a good alternative. There is no millwork involved, only plumbing. It can be replaced rather easily, if needed.
  • If space is a constraint, opt for a wall mounted vanity/floating vanity as the space below can be flexibly used for other storage needs. This type of vanity is common in modern and contemporary designs. They save on floor space.


While choosing the basin, select from undercounter, semi-recessed, or countertop styles. Undercounter basins need the least maintenance and are also easier on your wallet. If there is a space constraint, semi-recessed basins are the best bet. The countertop options are for those who like it contemporary. Make sure the vanity has a slope so there is no water retention and it stays clean and dry.


A vanity not only ups the style quotient of the bath area, it also doubles as a storage unit. Choose from drawers to closed cabinets to open cubbies, there are a lot of options. It helps to have a design that is minimalistic yet functional. The vanity can also include hardware such as a bathroom tissue holder and a towel ring.

IMAGE: Wall mount, Holiday Inn Express, Formula Blue


Chief architect Mansi Shah with says, “Vanities are a smart way to hide the plumbing in the hotel bathrooms apart from being a good provider for storage.” She insists on three things that a hotel needs to think about while choosing a vanity design: “Functionality, storage space, and good looks.” Shah also says, “At every step of design, it is very important to keep answering the right kind of questions on what it is that your guests would want. This way, you will be able to design effectively.”