Vastu norms for creating a welcoming reception

Atrio, vestibulum, hall, aíthousa, lobby.

The lobby acts like a portal, a wide open space greeting the visitor in the entrance of your hotel. It showcases the vibe of the building; a guest can almost feel the hotel just from the lobby. This first impression can either wow your guests or turn them off.

Beside the main axis of the property is where the reception desk should be placed. But are all lobbies created equal? The answer is a resounding no. Each lobby is unique, and no two trigger the same experience. A beautiful and cozy ambience can please the eyes, but it takes positive energy to appease the soul. The answer to how to get the good energy lies in Vastu.

Vastu is an Indian science of architecture and design, intertwined with positive energy. Lobbies can be placed in two manners:

On the north-south axis:

Where rooms are mainly placed on the east and west sides. Rooms get either morning light or evening light. This kind of arrangement provides positive energy from the sun and glare-free light.

On the east-west axis:

Where there is a possibility of getting radiation from hot sun on the south side. But one must consider the views, orientation of plot, and design needs in order to select the main axis. If there is no possibility of a north-south axis, there is no need to be disturbed. We have various materials available in the market to protect our building from any negativity of the sun. The techniques can include putting double glass windows on the south side or even installing smaller windows. We can use cavity walls with insulation for the south walls. And by planting large trees we can protect our buildings from harsh sunlight.

What if the lobby is placed on one side of a building? If the lobby is placed on the north side of the building it is considered good. This is because:

  • North light is glare free.
  • The main façade of the building will look especially pleasant.
  • Staff members attending guests at the front desk or near the foyer will be more comfortable.

A lobby on the east side is equally acceptable due to the good amount of sunlight. Did you know that our skin synthesizes vitamin D3 in the presence of morning sun rays?

Sun rays are softer in the west, but heat from the sun can still be felt. However, lobbies in the west tend to be less pleasant than the lobbies in the east.

The basic difference between east and west are on one direction rays are spreading light to remove darkness. On second direction the light decreases to make the environment dark. A play of artificial lights can do wonders here.

A lobby in the southern direction is not good, as per basic Vastu norms. The main reason is the direct heat and radiation of the sun. If there is no choice but to design a southerly lobby, there is no need to worry. By planting coconut or royal palm on this particular direction we can improve the room’s energy and everyone’s ultimate experience.


Mayank Rawal is a renowned Architect and Vastu consultant. He believes each land is different because he believes in the science of energy. “Nature has the best healing powers,” thus he admires the powers of nature only. His theory of Vastu is practical and nondestructive.

Mayank Rawal