Vastu norms for excellent guest experiences

Porta, deur, dwar, door.

When we design any structure, most of the time we are designing a good experience for our clients. But after receiving the best experience, people can still expect changes, something different and even still improved. They get such experiences by excursion. Can they discover a better place other than their homes? The answer is yes. When they select a good hotel, they invite a great experience for themselves. If a hotel is designed as per Vastu norms it helps to provide an excellent experience.

When a person thinks of Vastu he automatically starts visualizing directions. And the first question comes in his mind is, “Is my entry in the correct position?” As per the basic norms, all the four main directions have at least one good entry. So, if your hotel is facing south, there is nothing to worry about, because even southern orientation can have a good entry towards the southeast direction. Due to the inclination of the earth on its axis, sun travels from east to west crossing the south direction. Due to this phenomenon, south sides of structures get more radiation. To avoid this situation, if the entry on the south is shaded by a projection or porch it can be protected from negative effects. It is also good if some tall trees with good canopies are planted to the south. Even high compound walls and less margins can help to increase energy.

If the entry is in the west center, it is considered as a good entry. Otherwise west is a stagnant direction. We get energy from the setting sun from this direction. If a structure already has its entry either in the southwest or northwest, energy can be improved by planting coconut or royal palm trees in the southwest corner and violet flower plants in the northwest corner. A high compound wall and less margin than in the east direction can also help to enhance energy level.

The north direction never gets direct radiation from the sun, so it is considered a positive direction. Entry of a hotel from the north center is considered to be the best entry. If you are making a new hotel structure, plan your entry at this place and you will get the best business. To enhance the energy level of this entry, you can plant lotus near the entrance or you can select green grape vines for your landscape. It is a myth that entry in the northeast corner is always the best. I have observed in my research that if the entry is in the north side of the northeast corner you will find the actions of your loved ones different when you are not around. And if it is on east side of the northeast corner, there are less chances of you saving money. If your entry is already in this corner, don’t worry. There is a very simple solution for you. Plant green basils in your northeast corner or paint the east wall in the northeast of your structure with a lemon yellow color.

East is another positive direction if the entry is between east and northeast. To enhance the energy of this direction, you can leave more margins on this side of your building. By planting marigold in the northeast, you can get positive energy for your hotel.

I am sure that by implementing all these remedies, the energy of your structure will draw the guests towards your grand entry with a warm feeling of welcoming.


Ar. Mayank Rawal is a renowned architect and Vastu consultant. He believes each land is different because he believes in the science of energy. “Nature has the best healing powers,” thus he admires the powers of nature only. His theory of Vastu is practical and nondestructive.

Mayank Rawal