Vastu norms for extraordinary first impressions

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When we enter any hotel, there is a transition in the volume which creates a dramatic effect on the viewer. Strong linear axis or a series of elements like light or artifacts can draw the guest towards the entrance of a hotel. The very first experience of any hotel for the guest is of the foyer. The experience of foyer can be enhanced by using some patterns or murals on the walls. To get a better experience holistically you can think of vastu norms. Do you know vastu is an Indian science related to principles of space planning in order to provide a better experience of life?

As per vastu norms, the foyer of a hotel should be placed in north, northeast or east direction. The reason behind this rule is the sun-path around a structure. All these directions get glare-free natural light, which can increase comfort level upon entering a hotel.
If the entry of your hotel is not in any of these directions, there is nothing to worry about because vastu norms are derived to help humankind. There is always a simple remedy for each situation by which you can improve the energy level of your premises. If the foyer of your hotel is towards the southeast, it is good for the women associated with your business.

You can paint the south wall of your foyer with an orange color and plant sandalwood trees in the southeast corner to get more positive vibrations to attract your guests. You can also decorate the walls and surroundings of your southeast foyer with triangular objects and some cut-glass light sources.

If your foyer is in the south center, decorate it with rusty orange and shades of cream. Here you can use angular elements to beautify the space. It is also advantageous to have a rectangular element in this space.

Just imagine: if your foyer is in a southwest orientation, and you realize it is not optimal per vastu norms, it could lead to sleepless nights. But I assure you, all will be well with you when you paint the west wall of your foyer with a light sky blue and plant royal palm along the sides. If pale blue is not pleasing to you, you can use a rust color. Add a beautiful waterfall if you have enough space on the west side of the foyer.

You will always enjoy the sunset from your west centered foyer if it is decorated with cubical objects, and it will look more energetic with shades of blue or brown.

You can make a northwest foyer more romantic with shades of violet and organic forms around it. Even you can hold the hand of your beloved near the vine with bunches of white flowers near your foyer.

To make the first impression of your hotel pleasing for your guests, avoid shades of black, gray, pink, and green in a large quantity in the entry. Good lighting and beautiful landscaping will also enhance the experience.

About the author

Mayank Rawal is a renowned Architect and Vastu consultant. He believes each land is different because he believes in the science of energy. “Nature has the best healing powers,” thus he admires the powers of nature only. His theory of Vastu is practical and nondestructive.

Mayank Rawal