Vastu tips for back office

Pentadbiran, amministrazione, varch’akazmy, al'iidara, administration.

Can you imagine a person standing upright without a backbone? The same image will come to mind when we imagine a hotel without a back office or administration. A back office is the operating system. It occupies only one to two percent of the total area of any hotel, but it helps to run the business smoothly. If the front desk is associated with beauty, then the back office is the brain. It mainly consists of management, communication, accounts, and reservations. Broadly speaking, the back office deals with the heart of business, but do you know the back office does not necessarily need to be at the hotel site? It can be located anywhere, but it does control the front office management. In hotel chains it works centrally, but in individual hotels it is usually part of the building.

As per Vastu norms, the ideal place for a back office is at the west-southwest of the hotel building. This space requires ample positive energy for business to flourish and give a special experience to each and every guest, so it requires good sources of natural light. The ideal back office entry should be from the north center. The ideal position for top level management is in the southwest. Middle level management can occupy the western or southern portion of the office. Marketing people require creative skills to generate exclusive ideas, so they will occupy the northwest, and accounting require purely logical skills with a flair of creativity, so they should sit at the north. The right place and proper orientation will always help to achieve desired results.

Communication consists of IT, computers, printing, etc. These departments are related to the air element, with little support of the earth element, so west-northwest can be the best place for this activity. Does this complete the activities of the back office? It looks like an army without soldiers. Yes, the supporting staff works at ground level to support the management. You will find most loyal staff to the east of this place. East represents the sun, which is related to loyalty, and a combination of water and space elements, which represent a loyal, warm hearted, caring personality with the ability to understand any situation with wisdom. The staff also require services, so southeast is preferable for the pantry and west-center is for toilets. Storage can be at the south-southwest. It is advisable to keep the center of this area open in order to help connect each area or activity with another.

People working in your back office should be warm hearted and full of positive energy. Wide open windows with beautiful ambience and expanded views can add energy in this place. Bronze can be the metal for this particular area. So artifacts, surfaces, and murals of bronze can enhance positivity in this area. Creating sources of light using this metal is a good idea as well. Colors add value to any space. White ceilings and off-white walls will make it marvelous. To attract more energy, the south-southwest wall can be painted a rust color.

Positivity of energy science will allow the heart of your hotel to beat in a rhythmic manner and attract more guests.

Mayank Rawal is a renowned Architect and Vastu consultant. He believes each land is different because he believes in the science of energy. “Nature has the best healing powers,” thus he admires the powers of nature only. His theory of Vastu is practical and nondestructive. He can be contacted on

Mayank Rawal