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Some of the hottest tech picks of the season

LG OLED “Wallpaper” Hotel TV
Model 65EW960H


LG OLED Wallpaper Hotel TV

Sporting a newfangled razor thin 0.15-inch display, this 65- inch (and 55-inch variant) television is the latest by LG and the first of its kind for hotels. It comes with LG’s Pro:Idiom (digital rights management system-DRM), which ensures secure encrypted usage to prevent piracy, and Pro:Centric Smart (applications platform), which lets the hotel display information and create a bespoke branded user experience. The TV’s 4K upscaler accentuates the details and colors and supports high dynamic range (HDR) formats like HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. These promising specifications are worth looking out for. Turn your guestroom into a makeshift theatre with Dolby Atmos sound technology.

For more information, visit www.lg.com/us.

Kube 5 Portable

By Kube Systems

Kube 5 Portable Kube Systems

This power pack is comprised of five separate charging “Kubes” or portable units, and a recharging tray to charge the units. Each can charge up to six devices and consists of two USB Type-A outlets, Apple 30-pin connector, Apple Lightning connector, and Qi wireless charging pad. All the units have minimum of 2100mah capacity each. This product can be customized with your brand.

For more information, visit www.kubesystems.com.

Savioke Relay

By Savioke

Relay the robot makes the job of housekeepers a breeze. It can safely navigate through crowds, identify places, and deliver goods with lockable payload tray to guestrooms. It autonomously operates elevators, too. One of the newer features lets the droid integrate with internet, TV, and third party meal delivery apps. Flaunting a long battery life, it charges itself in the hour of need.

For more information, visit www.savioke.com.

Savioke Relay

vuTyme Lite


vuTyme Lite By ADB

vuTyme is an end-to-end TV solution that manages and provides all media and channels for hotels. A scaled down variant of its more popular counterpart vuTyme 4.4 in-room IRE solution, this TV solution is carved for the economy segment. An ADB 1640W set-back box is mounted behind the TV, and it provides an All-IP digital platform. The lack of third party licensees and toned down software features make this version Lite.

For more information, visit www.vutyme.com.


By Angie Hospitality

Angie By Angie Hospitality

Angie is your 24-hour guestroom assistant and integrated room-control device. She provides a voice and touch activated artificial intelligence interface so guests can make requests of the hotel, control lights and temperature, charge their devices with USB charging points, access information about your hotel and local places, among many more services. She can act as an alarm clock, and comes with Bluetooth speakers, too. Upgrade your Wi-Fi with her fully encrypted Wi-Fi Access Point. Angie can also replace the in-room phone and allow guests to call hotel services for added ease. She even integrates with your hotel’s PMS and other systems for smoother hotel operations.

For more information, visit www.angie.ai.