About Us

Hospitality Trendz is a niche magazine with a luxury feel. With a focus on the U.S. hotel and hospitality industry, HT is brimming with fresh ideas backed by industry knowledge.

Our magazine offers in-depth insight into a wide variety of trends, experts, events, business dealings, brand stories, and other topics relevant to today’s hoteliers.

At Hospitality Trendz, we cater to all sectors of the hospitality industry, which is on the threshold of innovation and growth. Through these changing times in our business, there is a growing need for valued industry stakeholders to engage in a dialogue with a cross-section of hotels and hoteliers, designers, suppliers, enterprise clients, and experts.

At HT, we commit to provide world class media, quality writing, and analysis of contemporary trends. We have no room in our pages for the mundane. There is a magical world of knowledge within this industry, and we strive to showcase that. Every single month.